Lydia and Jim
Danica and Peter
Stephanie and Anthony
Maureen and Daniel
Katherine and Derrick
Stephanie and Rob
Nikki and Daniel
Jane and Ivan
Naomi and Damian
Alison and Mark
Jona and Derrick
Gracielle and Gary
Vivian and John
Andrea and Michael
Sandy and Adam
Michelle and Clyde
Elle and Jason
Susanne and Dexter
Lindsay and John
Lory and Lester
John and Vickie
Carmina and Timothy
Li-Lian and Mark
Millie and Eugene
Catherine and Steve
Yin Yin and Roy
Jazel and Angelo
Sylvia and Stephen
Jacqueline and Marco
Aileen and Matt
Sabrina and Rahim
Joy and Paolo
Alexa and Ezekiel
Hazel and David
Beverly and Ruben
Jennie and Mark
Claudia and Fredrick