Date: Saturday, September 7, 2013
Location: The Fermenting Cellar
28 Distillery Ln,
Toronto, ON M5A 3C4

Music by DJ TABS.
Video by Karl Man Productions.

“DJ Tabs was the first person/piece of the wedding puzzle we booked… Even before the church! This is how important he is. Even a few months after our wedding all of our guests, from personal friends to coworkers to family members old and young rave about wedding but more specifically our DJ. This truly says a lot about his craft.

DJ Tabs was very friendly, down to earth, and extremely talented. His knowledge of music, genres, and experience was indispensable. He is also a consummate professional and even assisted us in reception timeline, planning and organization. He was very polite to our guests and partnered vendors. His work ethic and dedication was very impressive. He set up early, did his research about the venue and diligently worked with us to create a musical vision and overall event experience.

We can best describe our wedding in a few thoughts: Imagine the best party you’ve ever attended or dreamt about. Now imagine that feeling you had and also imagine that same feeling for every single one of your guests. Best. Wedding. Ever. The joy and happiness of our wedding was exactly that. Everyone truly shared in our celebration.

It was well advised to us that when people get married there will usually be 2 things you and your guests will remember forever: the party and the food. In our case DJ Tabs pulled everything together seamlessly and created an unforgettable experience for everyone and this was truly the key to our reception’s success. Only a DJ of his calibre can enhance all the facets and details of your wedding and wedding reception. Tabs is a true master of his craft and has proven himself in all events he has conducted or has been a part of. It was a remarkable feat considering that even though there were many behind the scenes mishaps and delays, that not a single guest was aware of them, because the music and party was so good. We cannot thank him enough and highly recommend him to everyone. Hands down according to our guests we had the wedding of the year and he was an integral part of it all.” Vickie & John

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